Dining Delights at

Forest View Campsite

Plat du Jour Restaurant & Bar

Open 3 nights a week Tuesdays, Thursday & Saturday*

Take Away Pizzas

Open 2 nights a week Wednesday & Friday*

Enjoy your pizza in the Garden or take away to enjoy on your pitch from just €14.99

All our pizzas are 30 cm and generously loaded. The pizza bases are pre prepared, but we add all the extra toppings to make them very special…

Prepared to order: simply pop in to the Bureau to place your order by 5pm and they’ll be ready and waiting for collection from the Bar at a time to suit you (between 19:30 and 21:00).

Chorizo & Emmental.

A unique blend of pepperoni sausage and molten Emmental cheese, with a liberal addition of our local Chorizo and extra cheese. Medium hot.

Trois Fromage/Margherita.

Ideal when one cheese is just not enough.. Our three cheese pizza is triple loaded with Edam, Cheddar and Emmental.  Or why not make it a three cheese Margherita, with fresh Tomato and Oregano.

Chèvre et Jambon.

Very popular with our French guests, may we introduce you to our Ham & Goats Cheese combo. Delicious local goats cheese and ham, on top of melted Emmental.

Meaty Feast

A real manly Pizza..loaded with ground beef, barbecue sauce, garlic, chilli oil and Emmental cheese…can be very hot or not so hot, it’s up to you.

*June, July and August

Wednesday & Friday

April, May and September.

Subject to demand

The Bar is open on Pizza nights from 19:30 to 21:30 serving beer, wine, and soft drinks to enjoy with your Pizzas in the Restaurant Garden or on your pitch.