Terms and Conditions

These are very important which is why we ensure everyone has to acknowledge they have read them before booking. We seek simply to ensure you know what you can expect of us and us of you. If you are unclear on any point don’t hesitate to drop us a line, telephone or e-mail and we will be pleased to answer your question

As owners we go to great lengths to protect the quiet enjoyment of our clients and the security of both our clients and the site and as such reserve the right to cancel any booking made that we (at our sole discretion) believe may be unsuitable. Naturally full refunds will be made at the earliest moment.

Customers are asked to respect the rules of the campsite that are given to them on arrival. Failure to show respect towards other customers or the facilities of the campsite, will result in our cancelling your booking and you will have to leave the campsite without any refund being due.

On-line Reservations

Our online reservation system confirms your booking instantly and takes a 30% deposit payment there and then.  You will then receive an e-mail confirmation detailing your reservation and requesting the balance of your holiday approximately 6 weeks before arrival. If your reservation is within 60 days of arrival full payment will be required.

This is the best way to reserve your holiday as you can book specific pitches and know your holiday is arranged at any time to suit you. The only reason we would change your pitch is if the pitch in question became unusable and in which case we reserve the right to move you to the closest alternative. Naturally you can cancel if this is not suitable. (It has never happened yet!!)

Manual reservations

On receipt of your e-mail reservation request Forest View Camping and B&B promises to process it as quickly as possible and will confirm availability of your reservation with a pending confirmation invoice for a non refundable deposit of 30% of the total value of your booking. If we are unable to offer you your first choice of position or dates we will endeavour offer you the best alternative. Please check our confirmation carefully to ensure your reservation is correct. Should your reservation be within 6 weeks of arrival the full amount will be required.

All payments are received through our PayPal account which takes all UK and international credit and debit cards regardless of whether you hold a PayPal account yourself.  Your provisional reservation will be held for 7 days to allow settlement of the deposit invoice. As soon as your payment is received, we will e-mail you a confirmation of your reservation showing the deposit paid.  Your reservation will be cancelled if payment of the deposit is not received.  

You will receive an email and PayPal invoice for the balance approximately 6 weeks before arrival.  If you do not pay the balance on time, your booking will be cancelled and you will not be refunded the deposit you paid.


You have to confirm in writing - e-mail is sufficient but a phone call is not.

If you cancel more than 30 days before your arrival we will keep the deposit.

If you cancel between 15 and 29 days before your arrival, 50 % of the total cost of your stay will be kept.

If you cancel less than 15 days, the total cost of your stay will be kept.

We do not offer cancellation or travel insurance so it is entirely your responsibility to ensure you have adequate travel insurance.



For everyone's security and peace of mind please check-in at the bureau BEFORE going to your pitch. Until you have checked-in please refrain from wandering around the site. If you arrive whilst the office is closed please wait in the car-park until it re-opens or in an emergency only ring the bell on the bureau door.

The booking is made in your name and cannot be transferred to a third party.  Whoever books a pitch or an accommodation has to be at least 18 years old. We reserve the right to change any reserved pitch location for operational/safety reasons and will endeavour to offer the closest alternative.

Camping pitches

Reception is open from 14:00 until 17:00. for check-in. Arrival time is 14:00 and departure time no later than 12:00 midday please. This is to ensure we can prepare your pitch for the next person. If you intend to arrive before 14:00 or depart after 12 o’clock, this may be possible provided you reserve this in advance. Early arrival is from 10:00 and late departure is until 17:00. If you need this please make your request when making your booking. There is a €10 charge for each request.

Late arrival

If you are going to arrive late you must tell us as soon as possible. ALL clients MUST arrive before 20:00 to enable set-up on the site without undue upset to existing clients. Arrival after 20:00 is NOT be permitted. If we have not heard from you before 12:00 noon the day after your expected arrival your reservation will be deemed to have been cancelled by you.


For safety and comfort reasons, the numbers of persons per pitch is limited to 6.

Visitors:  Sorry only residents are permitted onto the campsite. If you are meeting friends please arrange to do so off-site.

Please park your car as close as safely possible to your caravan and switch it off as soon as possible to avoid inconveniencing fellow campers.

All vehicles arriving back at the site after 22:00 are required to park in the overnight parking at the campsite entrance again to ensure minimal disruption to fellow campers.


There is nothing worse than arriving for your holiday, locating your pitch only to find a huge brown muddy patch made by the last person right where you wanted to sit. Groundsheets!! Ideally, we would prefer all clients not to use any groundsheets but if you do intend to use an awning groundsheet we only allow the breathable open weave type. We also ask that you rotate the groundsheet at least every 4 days to try to preserve the grass for the next client. If you are staying in a tent we ask that you keep your groundsheet cover to an absolute minimum.


We all love a campsite BBQ and they are welcome here provided they are a minimum of 30 cm above the grass. Disposable BBQ’s are NOT allowed.

If your BBQ is under 30cm above the grass you MUST use one of our approved stands which are available for hire (€5 per night - €20 refundable deposit) and are subject to availability.

Please also ensure you do not burn the grass by placing hot pots and pans directly on the grass. This is unsafe and also unsightly for the next person staying with us.


Parents, you are responsible for your children. We will do everything we can to ensure they have a great holiday but ultimately it comes down to you to ensure their safety and their behaviour.  

No child under 8 is to be left unsupervised when using any of the facilities on-site. This especially includes the toilet and shower block and the children's play equipment.

When hiring or borrowing equipment from us we accept no liability whatsoever if the equipment is not used in accordance with our instructions.    

Please don't swim in the lake.


Maximum of 2 pets permitted per camping reservation.  Pets with responsible owners are very welcome. We have a dog walk in our field opposite. Please make sure you clear up after your dogs as the field is used for several purposes not just dogs. As tempting as it is, please do not walk your dog around the site or lake as not all of our clients are dog lovers and we aim to inconvenience no-one. Ultimately, the owner accepts total responsibility for his or her pet.

Pets are not permitted in the Chambre d’Hote, or public areas e.g. bar, restaurant, or shower block.

Chambre d’hote

Reception is open from 14:00 until 17:00 for check-in. Check-in may be possible earlier or later by prior arrangement. Arrival will not be permitted after 22.00hrs.

On the day of departure please vacate by 11:00.  For reasons of safety and insurance, it is forbidden to exceed the number of occupants covered by reservation. We will not accept any person over and above the planned capacity.

Pets are not permitted in the Chambre d’Hote.

In common with French practice, breakfast is not included in the room charge. Please confirm if you require breakfast at the latest one day prior. Breakfast is served between 09:30 and 10:30.


Forest View Camping accepts absolutely no liability whatsoever for claims arising from your inadequate insurance. Good quality travel insurance is a worthwhile investment. If you choose not to insure we accept no liability whatsoever.